Out of tune DSK BassZ

Hi folks. I’m waiting for a buddy to send me a bass (acoustic) track. Meanwhile, I’ve popped open DSK BassZ just to pass the time. It’s out of tune, but only by just less than one increment in the properties. Does n-T not cope with decimal points? It seams to make wild swings as if only recognising the # that follows the point?

I wonder if this is a sample rate issue? Perhaps your project is set for 48 khz and DSK BassZ operates internally only at 44.1 khz or something along those lines? If that’s the problem then I’d check the developers website to see if this is a known issue and/or file a bug report.

OR… Do you mean you are trying to tune the plug to YOUR recorded instruments and the plug or n-Track won’t give you fine enough resolution to do so?

If it’s the latter, sorry. I can’t help you there. I don’t have n-Track installed anymore. Maybe someone else will chime in shortly.


Hi, D. I’m running at 44.1 but yes, I’m having trouble fine tuning.

Isn’t there a fine tune in the DSK plug itself?

Sadly, no. It’s a freebie.

You can try the Proteus VX Tony, it has several Bass sims, and it’s fine tune-able , plus it’s free.

Free Proteus VX

(rubs sleep from eyes) “how long was I out” :laugh:

Thanks Yaz.


I have a few sf2’s I use for bass sometimes and did notice a few of them seem a bit off pitch (to concert tuning) and was not sure if it was just the samples (like fret less jazz bass) or another issue so this thread popped that up in my noggin…

I noticed when I unpack some of them they are 32bit, but my version of N is only operating in 16bit…I am wondering if that is doing anything.
Pretty sure the sample rates are the same whenever I do midi or anything involving it it’s 44.1k all the way, seems to be the only thing that works…which does lead to another preponderance.

suppose I have a song that is in 48 what then? Am I going to have problems using midi in it?

From what I am hearing it sounds like it’s best to start with the midi instruments and then do your live stuff?

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jerm :cool:

I’ve only got my eleven year old son’s whitness to this - but. In the wee small hours of a not too distant morning, I’ll swear I had Proteus multi’d into n. Each track set to my mia card and channeled respectively with proteus. Just a basic test build of drums, bass, piano and pad. Can I do it again? No:-(

That is why I use the a sf2 player for bass, drums and keys…my soundcard and midi banks are just too flaky one day they work in Ntrack another they don’t.

I think it has to to with my many software and soundacards that I use to switch back and forth from depending on what I am doing.

I use protracks(cakewalk) for my drum machine (GNX4) and Sonar for my Audiophile/Midi interface and Ntrack for the live instruments…

If I could get any one of these to do all of what I need done that would be great.
Sonar is best right now for midi since I can easily drag and drop midi files in and out of other midi files…(plus it always seems to play the tracks, if it says bass bass sound comes out)
While Cakewalk is best for the drum machine since it makes an instant midi file of the drum tracks.(bundle software that came with the GNX4)
And Ntrack…sweet ntrack is just my familiar old glove I prefer using when I want to get my groove on the guitar and vocal…

I think I downloaded that DSk bassZ one time and tried to play it through my sf2 player…but it didn’t work.

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jerm :cool:

Cheers, Jerm. I was one of those guys who said he’d never use a pc for music. Atari ST, born and bred. But!? with organic, accoustic roots.

n-T has given me a new faith - I’m having more ‘fun’ with tunes than in an age.
And. This forum is the most friendly and informative dive ever.

I digress. The DSK ‘out-of-tune’ bass was strange - I don’t have the brain power to sort it :laugh: I gave up and used a some others, inc’ the Proteus (thanks, Yaz) and they all work fine.
Do any of you fancy coming over for a couple of hours to give me a master-class in internal routing of prg’s? :laugh: :laugh:

Quote: (TonyR @ Jun. 17 2009, 5:35 PM)

Cheers, Jerm. I was one of those guys who said he'd never use a pc for music. Atari ST, born and bred. But!? with organic, accoustic roots.

YEah me too!

but I am finding midi to be a pretty effective and easy way to put various instruments in a tune that I otherwise could not play or would spend much more time trying to mic properly and get a good acoustic sound off of....

you couple that with the ability to transpose on the fly without spending any time re-recording along with changing tempo at a whim and you have a great tool for composing.

I now use the computer as I would any instrument as an extension of myself, each note dictated by me it's length, depth, width, and veracity completely controlled to duplicate the farthest stretches of my imagination.

I am really impressed with some of the sf2 samples I am finding out there for drums, bass, and all the various wind, ensemble instruments.

keep shinin

jerm :cool: