Output Volume

I have setup N-track on a new computer and I have a problem that I cant figure out. I run guitar to line 6 pod, then to a Behringer mixer and into mic input. I set my volumes so that the recording meter will not clip. But I have to turn my speakers all the way up to hear it. You can hear the speakers hissing. I have set all of my playback and recording properties up. Really confused, I have been using N-Track for a long time and never had this problem.Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

You’ve checked all the volume controls? Including the track level and the master level in N? Did you check the selected devices in properties?


Try the line input instead of the mic input…this …might help.

I have checked all of the volume controls, The track volume is only for playback, Correct? But, you said master level. Where is that. I have tried the line input but couldn’t get anything with it. Thank you all for your help. I really appreciate it. It is just weird I have used n-track for a long time but I switched computers and I can’t figure it out.

The master level in N, I meant. At the top of the mixer window.

I hate to sound stupid, but, do you mean the mixer strip? If so, I have tried that and it didn’t help. I just dont get it, i’ve set the volumes so that it doesn’t make the recording monitor clip. the sound is fine coming out of the speakers but it sounds like something is cutting it off at a certain level. I can keep turning up my mixer or pod to where it starts clipping and it will blast and sound good. Thanks again.

hey man,first of all,ya dont wanna plug into yer mic input,go line,you’ll getta much cleaner sound,then,with yer recording meter on,turn the volume up on yer line in untill ya see green in the meter,then thats far enough,or else you;ll have the hiss like ya say,then yer volume prob is that ya have ta run yer track or tracks through a software compressor/limitor which ya can find for free at audiominds,mess with that an that will pump up your jams gauranteeed!!!

check the settings on your computer soundcard. make sure the line input is active. you may have to change a menu setting to see your recording settings for your card.

make sure the input is active and the record level is up. also, if your card has any sort of “record what you hear” settings turn them off. this will make your life much easier when adding new tracks to your songs. avoid using the mic input on your sound card. the preamp in it is very noisy and will rarely give good results.



Thank you all very much for the help, I am still working on it. I will post what i find that works. Once again, Thanks.

also if ya can ditch the puter speakers you’ll be all kindsa happy ,run line out to a old radio/stereo aux channel an you’ll be all kindsa impressed man,

the hiss is due to too low of an input level at some point. either it is too low of an input from the mic to the computer, or too low of an input from the computer to the external amplifier on the speakers.

it sounds like your problem is the windows mixer for your sound card. this is different than the mixer in n-track. you can load it by going to start> programs> accessories> entertainment> volume control (i think)… or just by clicking on the speaker icon in your taskbar.

in this window you will see a variety of controls for your playback levels. make sure the “master” level is up to about 7, make sure the “wave” level is up to about 7…

that is most likely your problem.


I really don’t know how to explain this. All of my volume controls are up. I have used n-track for a long time and I am used to setting it up. All my levels are correct. But when i’m just playing or trying to record the volumes through the speakers are very low, but i can turn up my mixer or pod and it sounds good. It never even distorts. But the meters are maxed out and clipping. So I turn it down so it doesn’t clip, then record, then play it back without turning my speakers down and it blasting. I have to turn my speakers half way down just to play it back.

what about your line in levels in the windows mixer? are those much higher than before? try turning them down, then turning up the mixer to compensate… shouldn’t actually have an effect… or maybe the soundcard in that computer is just crap and should be replaced.