Ovation's Idea Guitar

Idea Guitar

I used a celeb ovation model for about a year or so when I was working a solo about 8 years ago,it caused me alot of pain in my fretting hand,but I didnt think it was the axe,I thought it was from playing 40 to 60 hrs a week,one day I stood it on a chair and it fell,seperating the neck from the body,I ended up buying a Alverez that I had my eye on for a while.after just a week of playing the Alverez the pain was gone,and I have to credit it to the shape of the Alverez neck compared to the Ovation,that V shape neck that was on that Ovation was the culprit.
I later seen an article that supported my belief.If Im trying guitars out at a store to this day,if they have that shape neck to them they get put down quick and its on to the next

Very cool idea.


Very cool idea

I will wait for a universal unit that you can add to any guitar though.
S.B pretty easy to do.