Over 2 simultanious tracks recording?

Can I use a Delta 44 or 66 soundcard?

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I want to buy a new sound card, and I discovered the Delta 44 or Delta 66 sound cards. generally it’s used with Protools.
Can I use the Delta soundcard and N-track Studio for recording over 2 tracks (Delta has eight inputs)? For example, To record a drum and then mix it (snare, kickdrum, 3 toms, hhit, and two overs for cymbals?


Yes … you sure can.
The Delta 44 and 66 both only have 4 analog inputs though. The 66 offers S/PDIF digital I/O though.
Certain Delta cards have just now become usable with Protools (Protools M-Powered that is). They will work with just about any audio program. If your looking for at least 8 analog inputs, you could check out the Delta 1010 or 1010LT. That’s if your stuck on using a M-Audio product.

I use a MOTU 828mkII that gives me the ability to record 20 simultaneous mono tracks.
There are many multi-channel audio cards out there that will allow what you are wishing to do.

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Yeah to what Crankz said.

If you are on a very tight budget get the Delta44 (with only 4 inputs)
The 66 you can slave to spdif and it’s got digital inputs.
I think the m-audio driver let you sync two cards in the same system as well, making upgrading to more inputs slightly easier without having to sell your old card.

If you could afford it I would consider the 1010LT.
Good value for money with two preamps added to the equation.
The downside is that it doesn’t have a breakout box, so you can end up with spaghetti at the connection side of things.

But like crankz says, there are other options available.
Maybe you are in the same situation as me ? In South Africa m-audio is well distributed and supported (about the only prosumer to professional chard that you get over here, appart from the Pro-Tools box sets), so that is the obvious choice for a quality soundcard for me.

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