Over-compressed, poorly mixed


Just to prove Bubba correct about taking one’s time, here is this afternoon’s bit of stupidity; written, recorded, and “mixed” in about 100 mins, and it shows, but whadaicare?

Song’s called “It’s OK With Me”:


One guitar, one bass, one “lead” guitar, two OH on drums plus some sample substitutions, a couple of vocals - I’m going back to the 4-track one day, I suspect…

Hmmm - Just got around to listening to this Tom - what a pleasant surprise the effected solo guitar was - just seemed to slide right into place. Found myself wanting to plug mine in and swap licks!

Like it ! :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree:

Awesome Tom! Now… slap some B3 on that puppy!! :agree:


PS Err… not obnoxious B3. Just a little ride-n-stab action eh? SCHWING!

On second listen - take a little time and turn the guitar down a hair until the solo starts - then leave it where it is now from there on out. Can you send me a copy with half your solo? - I would really like to play on this - puhleeese!!! pretty please!? With cornbread on top?!

What a great song, something kinda refreshing about it, good driving music…i want this one in me car :agree:
Ange x


hhhmmm…just threw that up in 100 mins?

looks like I’m out of the game…I’m giving up… :)

Whats the effect on the lead?
Is that you on drums? That’s a great sound…well done!

Quote: (spreadercraig @ Nov. 04 2008, 6:53 AM)

hhhmmm...just threw that up in 100 mins?

looks like I'm out of the game....I'm giving up...... :)

Whats the effect on the lead?
Is that you on drums? That's a great sound...well done!

Don't give up Craig. I've been thinking about having one of my "Anti-Prolific Writer Ninja's" take Tom "out". :p

Nah... I like listening to his stuff too much. Put the katana away Hideki...

B3 Tom, B3... jus' a little?


Hey, I have an actual M3 in the basement - would that do?

You guys are nuts.
This one is wretched.
effects on the guitar solo?
A weird gated reverb, flanger, and stereo delay.

No problem Poppa, you can have all the raw tracks you want.
How do I get them to you?
Wouldn’t it be better if I redid stuff to make it sound better?
E.g., where the “bass player” (that would be me) forgot the part and just played random notes?

You guys are nuts.
Nice nuts.
But nuts. And I thank you.

M3 will do fine.

Now… get it on there or I WILL send Hideki over… and you don’t EVEN want that to happen! :p The other day, I blinked my eyes ONCE and he had built a dog house, washed two cars and pulled all the weeds out of the wifey’s flower beds. He’s faaaasssttt…


PS Dang! While I was typing this, he cut, split and stacked four cords of firewood…

Zip the folder as is and send it to the last email address you have from me. Serious - let’s play!

Ah, but if I do that, it will reveal all of my recording secrets to you, Poppa. :laugh:

I’ll get at it as soon as is practicable. :agree:

Your secrets are safe with me. Would you sing all the vowels and consonants for me too so I can clone your voice? :agree:

Ya I did hear a little over compression in the beginning but it wasn’t noticeable later on.
Really like the effects on your guitar, you had a real good feel going there!
Voice is cool!

100 minutes well spent. :agree: At what point in the process did you develop the lyrics? Did you know the basics of what you wanted to do from the beginning, or did it all just kinda happen?

Seriously, Kevin, I went to bed the night before with the idea for the progression (which is simplistic, but humans are hardwired to love descending lines, I think), recorded it the next afternoon, and made up the lyrics and “melody” on the spot. Which explains why they are not clever.

BTW, I don’t mean any false humility - I think my stuff is crappy, but I like doing it, and I wish I could write stuff that is harmonically, melodically, and lyrically more sophisticated…I mean, I’ve never written a song about a dead bird, much to my chagrin, for example, and Bubba’s stuff is just incredible. So, thank you for being interested! But it will just encourage me to post more crap, you know. :)


humans are hardwired to love descending lines

WHY is that I wonder? I've noticed the same thing... Maybe because of a sense of soothing or something? Whereas an ascending line kind of builds 'tension'... then again, I could be (and probably am) full of hooey... :p


Nope, it’s empirically demonstrable. As if we needed that to tell us!

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 05 2008, 1:12 PM)

and Bubba's stuff is just incredible.

:laugh: Bubba must be something (musically) more than a drummer/engineer? I'll be damned!