I’ve got some drum tracks laid down and when I go to overdub a guitar part, it is WAY off on playback. There’s probably .75 seconds of a delay. I’ve got the “LIVE” button selected…what am I doing wrong?

Depending on your computer, you may just be overunning the various capacities. One quick workaround: when (not if) this happens, just calmly save the song file as something. Close the program. Fling a stuffed animal across the room. Open the program. 99% of the time, all will be well without any fixing.

This works for me in WinXP, 4.0.5 build 1846.

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Ok, let us hlep.
Tell us about your set up IE
O.S., processor speed, soundcard, ect.

Without knowing that info, I would say try recording without using the “LIVE” button. I’ve been using Ntrack for 7 years and do up to 32 tracks overdubbing on a 1G pocessor, Windows98SE never had a lag problem and never had to use the LIVE button…I would like to know what it does some day though! :p

PS, there’s also a “snap to” setting in Preferences, that might acount for the offset track…it’s been a while since I had to mess with that stuff…but i think it was supposed to be set to “0”…guys?
If your computer has a proccesor running at 330mhz or lower, i would say mixdown the tracks you have so far to one track then open a new song file, bring your mixedown track into it, than work on the many guitar tracks it’s gonna take!..lol (well it does for me anyway.) You can always mix down the guitar tracks to one file, then bring them back into the drum file you started with for the final mixes.
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I had a similar prob when I installed a new version of n. I just adjested the buffer settings (can’t remember up or down sorry) and it worked fine after that. Worth giving a shot anyway…

It was my buffering. I adjusted it, and it’s good to go now…if only I could figure out my plugin freezing problem now…