overlapping parts...

Hi all,

This should be an easy question, but I could not find the answer anywhere…

How can I make to overlap two parts in the same track and actually here both at the same time?
Is this possible?

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There are probably more ways to do this, but this is the method I use: put the sound files on two separate tracks - You have to have two separate tracks to make both produce sound at the overlap.
If you are using only one track,
-clone the track so that you have two copies
-and Edit > Split the tracks.
-Click on the small box at the end of the track’s wave form and you can reduce the playable length of a track, and Slide the ends of the two separate tracks where you want the overlap.

That way you can control the amount of overlap by sliding one file or the other and also make adjustments to one track without effecting the other (to match eq, sound level, etc.) I think there is a way to do this with “lanes” but I have never bothered with it.
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Hi Bax,

Funny, I checked today and found your post about being polite when you do not get your answer, I thought it was a very good recommendation and makes a lot of sense. Then I checked if anyone did answer a question a posted weeks a go and I found you…giving me an answer that did not helped much, ha ha ha, well anyway…I will try to explain myself better:

What I want to do is to actually hear 2 different parts in the SAME track at once…
Is this possible?

a lot


Hi, Jatego. Bax’s suggestion is bang-on the button.
Is there a reason why it is imperative for you to have the tracks merged? What the eye sees and the ear hears can be worlds apart.
If your song contains more than the two tracks in question - mute them so that only the can be heard. Then do a ‘mixdown’. The resulting mix will be the two tracks merged. Import the resulting wav back into your song.

Tony and Bax are right, when you have two pieces in the same track, and you try to overlap them, they will cancel each other out. If you want the effects and mix to remain the same, you must clone the track, then silence the parts in each track that you do not want to carry over (in other words, in first track, silence first part, in second track, silence second part). The only other way, as Tony said, is to mute all the other tracks except the two you want to overlap, do a mixdown of those two, then import them back into the song, and you will have one track. There is no way to have two wave files (or more) on one track and overlap them but still hear each complete wav file.

Quote: (TonyR @ Sep. 27 2010, 2:22 AM)

What the eye sees and the ear hears can be worlds apart.

And this has also the advantage of being true...
I will do as you say.
Thanks to all.