Ozone 3 for mastering??

On another forum that I frequent, there’s some users who have been posting mixes that have been mastered or touched up with Ozone 3. The before and after samples of these mixes have been pretty dramatic. It’s very tempting to look into obtaining this software, but it is not inexpensive. Wondering who may have used Ozone 3 and if you could comment how it compares to alternative mastering-oriented plug-ins.

Here’s a link to the site for anyone who is unfamiliar with it:

Ozone 3 site

i use it exclusively… but haven’t really tried other similar mastering suites.

ozone has alot of different functionality that you may or may not make use of. typically, i will make use of the mastering eq, sometimes the eq matching functionality (which is teaching me ALOT about mastering EQ), and obviously the loudness maximizer.

i sometimes use the mastering reverb and multiband compressor… but never really touch the harmonic exciter stuff.

if you take the time to learn how ozone works and read all of their documentation, i think it can be a VERY good tool… for me, i let it do more of the guess work (matching EQ, etc), and as i learn more, i am gradually making use of it’s more powerful features (doing the EQ myself, multiband compressor).

i’m not sure what your knowledge level is, but when i first looked at ozone i was clueless and had no idea what i was doing. the only piece i could figure out how to use was the “thing that made my mix louder”… so it’s nice you can start simple with this plug and eventually delve into the other stuff when you feel comfortable with it.

on the other side, it IS pricey and you could probably obtain similar results with a combination of free plugins, if you know what you’re doing.

I’ve got Ozone v1, had it since it came out, and I’d love to upgrade to v3. Like Dimmer says, it’s got heaps of features to learn, so I dropped back to Endorphin for a while. Ozone is that much more powerful though. V1 I wasn’t real happy with the volume maximizer - the soft knee sounded great, but would go over 0db, but the hard knee would sound a bit wrong while not going over your hard limit… I believe they’ve changed that since.

Ozone support is great, BTW.