PA subwoofer question

Recommend a subwoofer

Hi all. I have a PA system with two SRM350s v2. I also have the driverack, which is pretty great. I need a subwoofer. I am not a DJ and don’t need to shake the earth. I need low end that carries electric or acoustic bass, low-end piano and kick drums. The PA is for small and medium crowds. No gigantic spaces. I would prefer to spend under $700, even under $500 if at all possible. I would love any recommendations.



My 3 piece band just purchased a JBL Eon powered sub off of e-bay for $400. It works really well, the bassist is playing an upright stick 5 string bass and it handles it very well. The drummer’s kick nearly thudded my heart out of my chest also.


Thanks, Yaz. I’ll check it out.