Packed song file

Can’t open

I’m using N-track V-4.02. I’ve recently sent a packed song file via e-mail and the recipant could not open it. He is using n-track v-3.3

He is getting an error message “wrong or old file format”.
Anyone know what the problem is??

many thanks


I don’t have version 4 yet, I’m still running 3.3. When I upgraded from 2.3 I had some problems with the old files similar to what you describe. Although the sng files from 2.3 opened they didn’t translate very well.

I would guess that your friend needs to upgrade to version 4. Just a guess.

Yeah song file formats aren’t backwards compatible. 4.x can open 3.x but not vice versa. And if you save a 3.x file that you opened with 4.x, you’ll no longer be able to open that file in 3.x (so it’s a good idea to use “save as” in that scenario). You’ll probably have to zip up all the audio files and send them and then he can import them into a new 3.3 session. Or he can upgrade for $20.