willsave all tracks butnot selected trks

have ver 3.3 using win xp prof. have big harddisk, fast cpu and plenty of memory. pac song file won’t save selected tracks but will save “all tracks”.

what’s going on, am i doing something wrong, is there a patch,do i need to upgrade to 4.0 ??

need help


Nope you are doing nothing wrong.
The packed file function of N-Track saves everything as referenced by the .sng file itself.
If you want to save selected tracks you will have to build them into a new song.
One way of doing that is to arrange the song as you want, deleting tracks as required (only delete them from the song - not the hard drive!) and then save it under a different name.
Then you save the new named song as a packed file.
Note that, when you do this you are not affecting any of your original .wav files, they are all still there, you are simply creating a new .sng file with references to only the .wav files you want.
If you view your song folder in windows explorer you will see your .wav files still intact, but now there will be two .sng files.


This would be similar to ‘rendering down’ an automated (using envelopes) track for later use with the FX/parameters you’ve automated into the track? Yes?
[I’m referring here to what I’d do in Cool Edit Pro, saving a satisfactorily effected track in multitrack view.]

Just checking- I’ve just downloaded the n-Track demo, and am heading off to try it out.


No, I think you are referring to the “mixdown” process. The “packed file” process does not combine the separate wavefiles into one stereo .wav, but compiles ALL of the project into a single file for archival or transmittal purposes. You have options to compress the data too.


I understand- but sometimes I’ll apply envelopes like FX, pans, etc to a wav file, then render down just that one file, thereby writing the new information permanently into that file. Now I’ve saved all the new work and made it permanent (destructive) in the wav file. Right- this is in fact a mixdown process, but only to one track/file. I do that if I don’t want to save the whole session.

Of course, I have to like what I’ve done to it first…

But now I get it about the ‘packed file’ thing, thank you.