Pan envelope range setting?

Up to now I have not needed to use pan envelopes, but I have an application where I need to bounce the pan quickly from full left to full right and back repeatedly in a track. However, my pan envelopes only will go as far as +6dB and -6dB. That is a strange limit and I figured that there surely must be a setting, like with volume envelopes, to set the range of pan envelopes. But, I have checked through the settings and preferences and cannot find such a setting. I can’t believe pans are limited to 6dB. Where is the setting?

Regardless of what the labels say, I’ve found the pan evnelopes will cause the audio to go full from side to side. Are you not hearing that, or is it indeed limiting to 6 db down per side?

While the node may say it is at 6dB, sometimes the pan will be about 6dB, sometimes it will be quite a bit more and sometimes it doesn’t pan at all and the audio is in the center. It is very erratic, much like the overall implementation of envelopes in n-Track.

I have suggested that Flavio look at now volume and pan envelopes work in Sony Vegas (and probably Sony Sound Forge, but I only have Vegas, a video editor with great audio capabilities). I couldn’t do my panning project in n-Track so I tried it in Sony Vegas. Wow, what a difference! In Vegas, I never have problems with unwanted nodes popping up because you have to right-click to add a node. I never have a problem with erratic node selections like n-Track. If you click on one, you can move it without drama. Setting pans to full left or right results in 100% in one channel and 0% percent in the other, as expected. And the playback is correct 100% of the time. Also, Vegas supports real scrubbing, so finding my pan points was much easier.

I really hope Flavio can improve envelope editing in n-Track. It is one of its weakest points.