Pan envelopes and pops and clicks


Wonder if anyone else has had this problem. I was experimenting with drawing pan envelopes and going from hard left to hard right. When I play the track back I get awefull pops and clicks as the pan goes from left to right. :(

You might want to try adjusting the envelope so the shift from one pan position to the other takes a few milliseconds, rather than being an immediate change. I had the same problem when I first tried using the pan envelope, and adjusting the envelope to a slight slope, instead of a straight up and down line, seemed to help a lot.

'til next time;

One time I tried to get an effect of a track panning rapidly from side to side using the a pan envelope and it would crash the program.

yes it does as you say if the pan line is straight up and down, IE like a square wave -

drop a report to Flavio and see what he says -

Dr J