Is there a facility on N to pan from left to right during playback/mixdown?


Two ways… one is to enable mixer automation, two is to draw automation envelope curves on the track display.

Mixer automation is enabled by clicking the buttons…

Enable envelope drawing by clicking the “ramp” looking icon. In the pic it’s under the word “Help”. If you click the down arrow to the right, you’ll see all the envelope drawing possibilities.


Here’s the other way Craig - it’s a little more visual and you can see each track pan. I do it both ways. (that’s not what I meant):angry:

You can also draw master volumes - panning.

Right click on the image above to view and zoom in.

IMO that’s the best way. By drawing the curve, you have much finer control. I always made a mess trying to do it with mixer automation. Hand is not steady enough I guess.

Thanks for taking the time to post a pic Poppa. You know what they say… A picture is worth a thousand dollars or something like that.



ou know what they say... A picture is worth a thousand dollars or something like that.

Well at my rate of pay someone owes me $1.65 ..............

Why not just open the “Mixer” and pan it from there? If you just want to pan it and not move it, why go thru all the hassle of pan envelopes?

I thought Craig was asking about a ‘moving’ pan for effect. A fluid move from left to right or whatever during a playback or mix. If he don’t know how to just move his pan slider on the track meter I say we gut shoot him.

moving pan for effect it was…no need for a gut shot!!

Thanks for the replies…It’s just that I hate pressing buttons on N because many a time I’ve altered the display/settings and haven’t had a clue how to get them back…