I seem to never recall the settings I need to assure that I can pan my tracks…can anyone help?


Well, do you mean other than using the panning sliders on the channels?

Ah! Maybe he means the mono/stereo/L/R playback button, or selecting playback to be mono or stereo for the output. Any of those set to mono, L or R, could “prevent” panning.

Here’s how you recovered panning back in 06.
Check that you haven’t sent n-track’s output to mono by mistake…

Click on the hammer underneath the playback VU meter and check that in the “channels” both you have the stereo setting selected.

Untick the “apply settings to all channels” box as there is a “feature” that links the recording and playback settings… in other words, if that box is ticked, setting the recording to mono will also set the playback to mono.
Got it guys…when the conversation moved to ‘connections’ I reviewed my break-out box set up and found it there…

Thanks so much for the dialog and help.

Merry Christmas!

Dec 2006 Panning