Does ntrack alow a fast pan where a sound effect jumps left and right within milliseconds? I know I can pan manually but creating it that way would take forever. Just wondering

You can type in a setting.

Where at?

Under the track’s fader is a box with the location setting number ( center would show 0). Click and hold on the box and it will open the box so that you can type the new setting.

and/or draw a pan envelope as you would with volume.

I think those methods would be quite tedious and time consuming for what falgorian is trying to achieve (a millisecond interval)

you may be better off using a VST plug in designed specifically for different types of panning in which you can set the rate or speed of the pan.

You can look thru the VST’s here: FREE VST

some of them allow you to select wav forms,sync to tempo, and hi/low pass filtering.
Auto Pan or Cadence are my suggestions.


another way would be to clone the track, pan them hard left and right, then cross-fade them with volume envelopes.

Awesome suggestions people, I’m greatful for the info