parametric eq crashing my computer

Many times when I apply the parametric eq effect to my audio tracks, my computer crashes. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Suggested fixes? Operating system is Windows 2000

Thank you.

Turn off the frequency analyzer display. Chances are it’s a video problem.

Does it only crash when it gets to silent or quiet sections in a track? If so, there is a bug fix on that in ver 4.0. I have this problem in 3.3 in a new machine I have. (Bombs on my P4, worked fine on my Athlon) I emailed Flavio to see if a fix existed for 3.3, no answer yet.


I’ve recently upgraded to v4 and I’m getting a lot of popping noises when I use the track eq (odd but it’s worse on some tracks than others). This happens with only around 30% CPU usage and there’s 120Mb spare RAM.

Any ideas?



I get the same problem as Mike.
I’ve tried up to build 1675 (haven’t downloaded 1676 yet but will as Falvio has said he fixed the Grpoup fx problem in that build.

I can have the frequency analyser set at the same size in v3.3 with no problems.
v4 gets pops and clicks.
Once that gets fixed I’ll be swapping over to v4 for actual song work I think…