ParEQ problems


I have a 3.0GHz PIV Sony WS with 1GB disk and 180GB HD. Its a very fast machine. I compose Indian classical songs using nTrack 4.0.4

When I use ParEQ and keep its window open on the monitor, I hear lots of pops and clicks. The CPU is not loaded at all. Its at about 10% utilization. If I close/minimize the ParEQ window then the pops/clicks go away. Do you know what could be causing this problem? Is this some kind of bug?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Hi Vipul,

Do you have ParEQ’s spectrum analyzer display enabled? If so, have you tried build 1789 or later? I’m not sure if it applies to ParEQ, but there was a fix in build 1789 which greatly improved the same problem with the “standard” EQ spectrum analyzer display, at least for me and some others who have commented on it.

If you don’t feel like installing another build, another thing to try that I’ve personally found helpful is to disable “Active Update” for the spectrum analyzer display. To do this in ParEQ, right-click on the ParEQ window to view the popup menu, then go to EQ->Frequency Spectrum->Display and make sure “Active Update” is unchecked. (EDIT: Of course, since the build 1789 fix, it doesn’t seem to matter either way, at least on my machine)

Hope something here is of use!