Parts skipping when video playing...

Using 4.0.5 b1846 on Win2k Server, w/SB Live and Delta 1010 (WDM drivers)

Okay, so I’m working on a score for a short film, so during recording and playback I’ve got the video playing. At some point after a few tracks, the parts in the tracks don’t play back correctly. This is not the CPU being hogged by the video - but when I close N-track, reload the sng file, and play the part back without the video, it works just fine, so the parts are being recorded correctly, just not playback.

Here’s what it’s doing - when the timeline hits a particular part in a track, the part plays double-time by skipping chunks of the audio (kinda like when a needle bounces across a record). Not pitch-shifted or time-shifted - it just skips chunks of the audio. So by the time the timeline marker gets to about halfway through playback of a particular WAV, it’s already done playing, even though the peak display shows it as being halfway through.

Something is getting scrambled on playback and I can’t find the solution - other than to record some voice markers of where and when a scene starts and stops first while the video is playing, and then record all the parts with the video not playing. Kinda lame (but maybe that’s for the best).

And yes, I’m too nervous to try the beta right now…

Try toggling the system and wave clocks in the preferences - the clocks n-Tracks uses for playback and recording. Sounds like whichever clock is being used is getting confused. If that doesn’t help contact Flavio. That shouldn’t be a problem whichever clock is being used. I have seen drivers cause this kind of thing - really bad-buggy drivers that is. :)

I have a similar problem with my Delta 101o and have been unable to resolve the issue. Not only do I get skips like on a record but I also get random clicks and pops and have been unable to resolve it. :(