Does n-track-7 allow mark, copy, and PASTE AT Beginning, Current Cursor position, or End?

The right click menu may have what you want “place Cursor at” and "place part at cursor:
You will want to study and “play with” the edit menu. You can mark a tracks in part or whole, several track,or all tracks by left click and slide over the area you want to cut or copy. The program will paste wherever you move the cursor (the rewind will move the cursor to the absolute front of the song.). Check out the split function, it allows you to open up a space on a tracks or tracks.
There is a lot to learn in the program, it’s a powerful program and there may be more ways to do things than the way I do them. Every few builds, I just load up a dummy file and start experimenting with the menus . . .

Hi Bax, and thank you.
I will go experiment some more.