Paul McCartney

I just watched the Paul McCartney concert on satellite.

And didn’t he do Ok for an old bugger? :D

But, what was with the warm-up show?

A bunch of guys in spaceman-suit costumes running around with a rugby ball!

What was all that about then? ???


Look! they’re at it again!!!

Must be Paul’s contribution to “support mental health” year.

Poor delusional simpletons. :(

Yeah - he did OK. It’s the same band that he had on his DVD that came out in 2003 or 2004.

Mr Soul

Yeah, you gotta give it to a legend, still got it…

But the talk around the water cooler was why he didn’t get rid of that roosterneck after all these years?
And I mean that literally meaning his physical neck, not his figurative roosteneck better known as his wife.
:D :D :D

All jokeing aside I figure the next time there’s a post about him in here it will about his sad untimley death, so it only feels right to get all the jesting out ahead of time…tee hee

What a genious, though, he will be missed, oops wait, he’s not dead yet, just practicin’.


Had to watch Paul, wasn’t interested in feetball game. Caught the live feed on the dish. Paul can still do it. Still hitting the highs on vocals. Yikes! He’s how old now???? He must use same face lift doctor that Dick Clark uses.

Also saw Black Eyed Peas I think it was? But had Earth Wind and Fire in there somewhere, which was ok, but then Charlie Daniels walked out on stage. Fer what?
Did I miss something?

Caught the Lynyrd Skynyrd super bowl party live sat night. I don’t know what it was being broadcast on. The audio mix was horrible. But will say they sounded pretty good for a bunch o old farts. OMG they played Free Bird, imagine that. Little brother Johnny Van Zant sounds alot like brother Ronnie. Charlie daniels was there also, and actually played, but couldn’t hear the fiddle in the mix very well. Hmm, must be trying to keep up with the stacks of Peavey’s. Or maybe sound man doesn’t like fiddle, or maybe Charlie forgot how to play it.

Caught the Lynyrd Skynyrd super bowl party live sat night. I don't know what it was being broadcast on. The audio mix was horrible. But will say they sounded pretty good for a bunch o old farts. OMG they played Free Bird, imagine that.

I saw Lynyrd Skynyrd about a year ago, but I dunno about a bunch of old farts; many of them seemed much too young.

Ditto Steppenwolf who I also saw recently.

I can just imagine the Stones in a couple of years, a bunch of young kids, plus a mummified Mick Jagger being operated by strings. :D


Paul can still sing, no doubt about it. and those are still some great song, so doubt about that either.

Was any of that lip-synced? ???

Was any of that lip-synced?

I wondered about that too Tom.

Although it appeared he was performing live, once or twice it seemed as if the words and the mouth didn't quite match.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was all dubbed, after all, they sure as #### didn't want a wardrobe malfunction this year with Paul yelling out "Bollox!" or something. :D


I noticed that something seemes a bit off at times too. However, the vocals were most definently not the original versions, and it sounded like a live performance.

Paul said in an interview earlier this week that he would not be lip syncing.

I think the the slight differences in vocal-video were that some cameras had a slightly difference video delay than others. I could tell that the drums weren’t quite in sync in a few angles, but could tell that what I heard is what I saw him play…or actually it looked like the other way around. I saw it then heard it a few milliseconds late.

Gretchen Wilson was singing, but I’m not sure Charlie Daniels was. When he sang that line about “son of a gun” everyone knows (that knows the song) knows that he says “son of a bitch” most of the time, except on TV, yet that was the one line that REALLY looked piped in even if he looked like he said “son of gun”. I get the impression they weren’t taking any chances with him.

There was one MAJOR wardrobe malfunction (even though it was done on purpose) that got me running for the remote (I have kids you know) – Charlie Daniels sticking his hat on the lead vocalist from The Blacked Eyed Peas. Charlie needs to leave that hat on…and a rap artist wearing a great big cowboy hat? Both need to stay in the bedroom.


ADDITIONAL THOUGHT EDIT: I don’t think Alicia Keys sang one note live.

Good point phoo, Charlie is scarey looking without the hat.

Alicia was lip sync most definately.

And Ali, not talking bout the young dudes playing with Skynyrd, talking bout Rossington, Powell, and Medlock.

Did Hughie Thomasson (I think that’s the way you spell his name) play with Skynyrd? After the Outlaws fell apart? Or is he back with the Outlaws? Or is he dead? He was voted a Fender Living Legend ya know.
Oooo Oooo Hurry Sundown…

On a sadder note, 21 yr old kid across the street went to superbowl party last night and left drunk, driving, and is now dead, short lived life. Sad:(

Don’t drink and drive kiddies.

Yaz, don’t ask me any names; these days it’s an ongoing struggle to remember my own. :(

I just remember thinking that some of those guys on stage looked as if they were still in nappies (diapers) when FreeBird first came out.


Oh yes my friend, you are so correct. I think the drummer is younger than my own son. which makes me about, oh nevermind that.

And your name is elgren/ila ???

It’s always a shock when youngsters die, especially needlessly.

Not long ago some kids I knew wrapped themselves and their car around a lamppost. All dead.

And you just think to yourself, “what a fucking waste”.

And then the selfish thought: “Thank god my sons weren’t in that car”.


And your name is elgren/ila

Don’t start with me Yaz! I get confused enough as it is! :D


Yes Ali, the thought entered my own mind instantly, my son and daughter, no one should have to outlive their kids, to me this would be the most horrible situation to endure.

Confusion is just the start of old age, forgetting to put the pants on before going to the local market is the ultimate OOPS.:smiley: