Paul Weller Live Now

A master.


Dang. No longer available.

It will be available for a week - not sure how the borders effect things, tho.

Nope, not here. :(

Yeah. If you wannit, I’ll link you up, or grab ‘n’ dbox it to yuh.

Got it. Ace.

Is this only available in the UK then?

Richard Hawley…spoke with him via email during recording of the FAWM charity album I did in 2010. His studio is about half a mile from me. Nice guy.

I’ve run into this before; the BBC stuff seems to be available only to you folks.

Not sure about that, Tom. I know someone who picks up the BBC in NY. There’s gotta be a way.

We get BBC America. But online content like this has been unavailable for us, in times past.

Hi Gents:
I tried to open the link… Got the same thing as TomS… Not available in your area

However, I was listening to some Country stuff on BBC Radio 2 and then… Up came Paul Weller in Concert… The “marquee banner” said 20:00 Thursday, April 5th (Low Bandwidth) There is 1 day left…