PC line in wont work

Sarah has this vista quadcore computer we use for making the videos & the line input has never worked.
The computer has onboard audio & shows a signal is reaching it but we cant hear it on the speakrs.
evrything else works fine with sound & weve tried evreything in
control panel/sound/ playback / recording.
when we try to update the drivers it says we have the latest.
we have spent so long trying to sort this out it is so frustrating!!
Anyone got any ideas?


START>CONTROL PANEL>Sounds and Audio Devices>Audio>(under sound playback)Volume>

There you should see a mixer (Master volume)

make sure it is not muted or turned down.

Also in Ntrack,

Settings> Soundcard’s settings> Recording mixer controls.

check in there too…

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There is also the outside chance that the line in is NOT physically wired up on the motherboard. I have a Dell at work that doesn’t support any input. The really bad part is that the sound chip has the functionality, and it shows up in software, and any software that uses input. It just doesn’t work. The problem is that the pins on the audio chip for input aren’t wired up on this particular machine configuration at all. It’s stupid, but Dell saved a few pennies, I suppose. They were still trying to sell Creative SoundBlaster Lives as an upgrade when this machine was the new thing.

Hi All:

Could I add to this thread ??
If you have n-Track installed on your video computer…

Go to "Settings>
Audio Devices>

and open to see what audio is listed in there, for n-Track to use…
At times I find that it over rides or works with, what is config’d in the computer’s control panel…

Anyway, see what appears in n-Track’s menu…


I bet phoo’s on the money - not wired. Presuming it has line and mic inputs? You got one of those head-set mic/cans thingies?

Thanks guys for the ideas but we now think it does work but the pc has no way of monitring the signals.
the mic input is the same & you can see a signal on the little level meters but cant hear it.
We havent got ntrack installed but found a sound recorder on it & were able to record from the mic input but coulnt hear the signal as we recorded it only when we played it back.

because hd video is so heavy on proccessing we dont run anything much on this pc

anyway we thouht we had the answer & opened it up to put in a proper soundcard & found the this big videocard cooling thingy totaly covering up the only empty pci slot!


Some software’s do not support monitoring, if we has a little more to go on…mmm maybe we could figure it out?

“sound recorder”…kinda vague there bub.

Is this Windows sound recorder? if so what version XP, VISTA, 7, etc etc
another software?

That’s going to make a difference as to where to look for the monitoring box…

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jerm :cool:

You got Audacity?

The sound recoder we found in accessories so i reckon its windows sound recorder, the computer is vista

we havent got audacity tony on sarahs computer but i have it on mine.