Peace, Love, and Michael Nesmith

My love of the Monkees and Michael Nesmith, plus an unpredicted windowpane flashback, made this tune pretty trippy. ???

circle skynull

Heh. Great tune. Trippy is appropriate! I like it.

I heard a few pops and clicks throughout… did something clip along the way or is just “mp3-ism” at work?

Cool tune…


Nicely ‘spaced out’ sound :) I sometimes think The Monkees didn’t get due respect because of the whole TV thing, but they did some great songs.

Love the guitars. good stuff!


The link isn’t working for me!

OK, I got it, here:…6551490

That’s totally psychadelic, Jimothy.
Tell us about the guitars.
Enter it in the contest!


Seems like you posted a few songs in the last day or so, eh?

Man, I also love your version of 18. That rocks.


I didn’t hear the pops and clicks on the 128kbps mp3. Granted, my ears are shot from decades of screaming feedback. I did notice that the 128kbps files have an audible impact on the high frequencies, or again it just could be my blown ears.


For “Circle Sky” I ran the trusty ol’ Strat through Guitar Port, multi-tracked with lots and lots of plugins.
And I miked, ran through Guitar Port, and processed my old 12-string Takamine.

I recently got a hold of Guitar Rig 3.
It’s extremely cool to rock out on with the volume on 11.
I’ve yet to use it as a plug-in though.

And yes, I just recently started visiting the forum. I think I originally purchased n-track five or so years ago.

See, guys, another great strat user. Friends don’t let friends use Les Pauls. :agree:

Yes Yes! The old faithful Strat is hard to beat!!! :agree: :agree:

Thats my favourite guitar I play at present.
Nice double tracked guitar sound. Unusual vocal effects though.
Does the vocal have lots of reverb?

The vocal tracks had:

- choralozoide
- BJ ring modulation
- n-track pitch shift
- classic chorus
- G chorus
- ambience reverb
- classic compressor
and probably more!

I wanted it to sound extremely processed and spacy.

Is there any effect you didn’t use?

I like it. Has a quality that I’d expect from a hand operated turntable if there ever was such a thing!
Pretty cool sound.