Peculiar Situation

Constant reinstallation

About every third time I click on the desktop Icon to initiate the program, it goes into reinstallation of the whole program. Then of course it looks for the file “ntrck0setup.msi” in the Temp files folder. I am using ver. 5.0 on both a desktop and a laptop and both computers experience the same issue with the initiation of the program. My desktop had the "ntrck0setup.msi already in it’s “Temp” folder, however the laptop did not. Consequently when using it away from home, it was unable to find the file, therefore the program wouldn’t run. So I copied the file from the desktop computer and put it in the “Temp” folder on the laptop. Bottom line, It should not be reinstalling the program about every 3rd time I want to use it. Has anyone out their experienced this issue?

You might try a complete uninstall, but do it from the Winblows Control Panel “Add/Remove Programs” tool instead of n-Tracks Start Menu entry. Then do a fresh install and see how it works. It seems I read somewhere that will fix you up. I had this happen one time to me and I THINK that was the cure… I can’t be sure though. Lots of water under the bridge since then. :p


PS Of course, you’ll have to go through all your settings and Prefs to get back to where/what you want…

That has happened to me a couple of times and I never did recal how I had either shut down last before starting it up again or ran another program to effect it starting. The last time it happened was after I had ran a registry cleaner - it does appear to be random for me.

Was the setup exe downloaded and installed from “there” and then was the setup exe removed? Or was the setup done by directly running it from the web? I think either way might setup this kind of scenario.

Are you running as administrator?

What causes this is that a component is being detected as missing, whatever that component is. n-Tracks is trying to restore what’s missing.

I hit as well in the past but don’t remember what it was. I’m pretty sure it had something to do with files being automatically cleared from the temp folder. n-Tracks shouldn’t depend on files being there, but something can get it into that state.

I had this problem with version 5. I want to the directory and found the Ntrack.exe file and used it to create an icon on my desktop. I was able to use that without the reinstall problem.

My V5 does the same if I havent used it for a while. Maybe as was mentioned my registry cleaner program is removing files it shouldnt.