personal Lost my D drive at work

took email with it

I can’t access any personal email from work right now. My D: drive decided to take a vacation. Outlook Express simply crashes because some storage files it needs are gone. I’ll have email when I get back home. This isn’t as bad problem as it could be since all the data that matters is backed up. I just hope to get OE up and running soon. All mail is on the server, so it’s just access that’s down.

Hey Phoo,

That IS a bummer. What brand drive was it? We have had a rash of hard disk failures at work. Buncha Dell’s with Western Digital 40 giggers in 'em. Blasted things start giving all kinds of errors then just go ten-toes up! Makes me worry cause I put WD drives in my DAW at home…


That’s why I have my Outlook .pst files on a system drive that gets backed up, not my D: drive. Of course, I haven’t verified that systems is actually backing up my .pst file :O

Maxtor, 80 gig, and it was from Dell. It’s not as old as I thought, and the drive itself isn’t dead. I don’t know what happened to cause it to do what it did.

That’s actually my backup drive, which is why I haven’t really lost anything much, but the reason My Docs and the email data files are over there is because I restore C: a few times a week from it, and I didn’t want them getting overwritten every time I clean the C: drive. I have My Documents backed up on another machine, so the only stuff lost there was new stuff saved within the last couple of months…not much really. I don’t use that directory very often.

Anyway, Outlook Express is back up and running. It fixed itself when it couldn’t find any of the data files. It recreates them, and all the email stored on the server is reread as new. My guess is that it was still finding some of the corrupted data files when it was crashing. I was surprised…it only took one more reboot.

I’m a happy camper…now it’s time to restore 70 gigs of work data to another drive and look into what corrupted the file tree. It’s not worth the expense of data recovery.