Personalized Viewing

You bought it

When we go to the grocery store we pick out what we wan’t to pay for.
When we surf through the cable channells we are stuck with a bunch of crap that we pay for. :laugh:

:laugh: You would think at the least, the cable companies would give ya something to watch while they ripp ya off! Wouldn't ya?

Tell me what's wrong here! I'll tell ya what's wrong, to many people going along with status quo. There should be a larger list with more choices. And for so many bucks get to check so many to watch. If I'm paying for it I wan't to pick it. Who wants to watch 300 lb wrestlers wearing pink and green psychedelic tights? :laugh: Sorry, not me! I'm not intrested in spanish, children cartoons, evangelists, or sales pitches. Why in the world am I paying to watch a sales pitch? :laugh: You guys are all you know what whipped! And you know it! lol

I believe that they feed us so much crap on tv so we’ll tune into Cops!
And who wants to watch another boring car chase?
Hey Newt Gingrich is on!
Finally an action thriller that I can sleep through :whistle:
That’s right, Levi can’t find anything to watch on the tube so he comes here to harass nTrackers lol
Well maybe if some of us would speek up we would have some decent viewing.

How do we get our hands on the people responsible for selecting this crap anyway?
We should arrest them and sentence them to a weekend in a corner at the public library!