Perspective on the Specs

what you can expect N to do

these are the official N track minimun requirements - my PCs specs in brackets

1…CPU: Pentium III 700meg _ (mine is 932meg)

2…MEMORY: 256 MB RAM - (same as my PC)

3…SOUNDCARD: A full duplex i.e. capable of simultaneous playback and recording soundcard (Audigy NX2 USB at the moment)

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64 (Win 2K)


!.. CPU speed woefully to slow to practucally anything at all

2… 256meg ram will run 1 or 2 plugins but that depends on how many tracks you have in song (see below) - nowhere enough ram to run a half decent soft synth (cronox, crystal, etc) N will not even load in a preset on some synths without crashing and will crash on the first note played with others - when this happens memory indicator shows 6 meg ram unused which is less than Windows needs so Windows stops -

3…4/6 tracks should be OK, but past that you are in the lap of the Gods - would not run 8 tracks on Delta 4/10 (when installed) without breakup - only use two outs on Audigy have managed 12 tracks but had (have) severe breakup problems -

the first thing i do on installing a new version is to kill the FASoft compressor - it will not run on two tracks without creating glitches - neither will the fancy EQ work without slowing everything down to a snails pace -


to get N to perform in half decent manner your PC really needs to have the following MINIMUM specifications and the below is based on my other PC -

CPU - Intel Pentium 111 - 2gig (NOT A CELERON these are crippled pentiums made for the office word processing market )

RAM - 1gig - more if you can afford it -

Soundcard - any, but even with the best you will be pushing the limits at around 36 tracks - less with plugins -

maxtracks to date - 79 tracks to 24 out ADAT optical card at 8193 ASIO sample rate - track is 77 minutes long - no plugins, no problems -

PLUS (not mentioned in specs)

7500rpm ATA hard drives - 10500rpm SATA hard drives
DMA on all ATA hard drives (not applicble to SATA drives)
minimum FSB = 800meg -
PC performnce set to BACKGROUND -
low spec videocard -

Dr J

What version of n-track? I’ve had much better performance than you suggest with V4 on a 1gig P III with 256 Mb RAM (10-15 tracks and possibly as many plugins). That machine ran Win98 and was pretty well optimised. (I have a better machine now).

Over Christmas I mixed a 15 track song in n V4 on a Win 2k, PIII 1.0Ghz laptop (not optimised for audio) with crappy drive, built-in soundcard, and several plugins. So it can be done.


On My P3 800Mhz Celeron with 256MB Ram I can record 40+ tracks 44.1K 24 bit and run a number of plugins.
N-track 2.? Win 98 Delta 1010

Are newer versions of N-track much more demanding of the system?