Petraeus and Onideus

I’ll be guitarted.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Oct. 07 2009, 2:24 PM)

the Detroit Lions could use some help.

Some help, as in a bushel basket full?
Or a random handout?
Lets see they got a new gm, new coach? new QB, new receivers.
But they aint got me, gave up on that team back in the 60's.
Maybe they could use some Greek silliness in the form of lesbians vs lesbians? :laugh:
Just teasin Cesar TomSacious III, how about them lions?
Besides I take my lesbians very seriously!
Levi the great

re: Emporer D


Ah! A Flintstone of third generation! I am humbled to make your acquaintance. Tell Wilma I said “Howdy”.

I had to study that one closely. Got it. :laugh: