Pharmacists' Rights at Front Of New Debate

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Because of Beliefs, Some Refuse To Fill Birth Control Prescriptions.


Some pharmacists across the country are refusing to fill prescriptions for birth control and morning-after pills, saying that dispensing the medications violates their personal moral or religious beliefs.

The trend has opened a new front in the nation’s battle over reproductive rights, sparking an intense debate over the competing rights of pharmacists to refuse to participate in something they consider repugnant and a woman’s right to get medications her doctor has prescribed. It has also triggered pitched political battles in statehouses across the nation as politicians seek to pass laws either to protect pharmacists from being penalized – or force them to carry out their duties.

“This is a very big issue that’s just beginning to surface,” said Steven H. Aden of the Christian Legal Society’s Center for Law and Religious Freedom in Annandale, which defends pharmacists. “More and more pharmacists are becoming aware of their right to conscientiously refuse to pass objectionable medications across the counter. We are on the very front edge of a wave that’s going to break not too far down the line.”

All of the un-American ploys the right is coming up with, this is one of the worst. We need immediate legal action now to stop this. I don’t know if pharmacists have some kind of a hippocratic oath they must take like doctors, but they certainly are not doing their duty. Anyone who refuses to fill a prescription on religious grounds should have their license taken away.

Agreed, what Takayama said. As a pharmacist, it is not their job to judge the intent/use of medication but to fulfill the prescription and inform the patient of risks and precautions.

They should be fired if they won’t do their job. Simple as that.


Oh come on guys! You think this is news?? This has been going on for YEARS! The lefties are bringing it to the forefront to highlight those darn EVIL Republicans.

BTW, you guys are right. These Pharmacists do not have the right to make these judgements and not fill the prescriptions. But to be fair, this is old news being dragged to the forefront by political “goons”. Politicians suck. The majority don’t give two s##ts about Susies birth control pills. They just want elected.


Yeah but I bet the left doesn’t have groups like “Christian Legal Society’s Center for Law and Religious Freedom” supporting their agenda.

TG Makes a good point, this is for the most part sensationalist news fodder and little more. I guess I should be glad that there was nothing of any gravity to report in the news that day.


Politicians suck. The majority don’t give two s##ts about Susies birth control pills. They just want elected.

How right you are.


Politicians, kissing babies, while stealing their candy and making people believe they are doing good for us all. Yeah right.

Quote (Mr Soul @ Mar. 29 2005,22:41)
Yeah but I bet the left doesn't have groups like "Christian Legal Society's Center for Law and Religious Freedom" supporting their agenda.

I would not be so sure Mike. Its almost a certainty there is some "Left" organization in place to counter them. What their name is, I don't know. I just know those guys liken this to warfare and they WILL have counter-attack capability of some sort.