Phase button

Does n-track have one?

I use n-track 5.0.3 build 2199, I'm in the mixing phase of a song with a B3 Organ and ran across this below in Studio Buddy.

First, “mult” (combine) the two stereo tracks of B-3 with an aux send or buss. Then return that new mono signal to a fader. In simpler terms; Send equal amounts of signal from each of the B-3 tracks to an aux send. That will create a mono “mix” of the stereo B-3 signal. Patch out of that mono “return” to an open fader. Pan the original tracks hard left and right, and pan the new mono signal up the middle, at 12:00. At this point, when you push up the new fader, the organ should just sound louder. But when you pop the phase button on that fader - reversing its phase relationship with the original stereo B-3, you’ll hear an odd thing happen. It will sound as though the B-3 was “pushed” to the sides, even wider than the actual speakers. As you play with the fader level of the mult (the mono signal), you can decide how much of that signal sounds good to you, and how wide you want the B-3 to "appear."

Does n-track have a phase button?

If not, does anyone know of a plug in?


OK, nevermind. :whistle:

I searched
“phase” and found what I was looking for on the top of the fader EQ drop down box.