Piano Roll CRASH

n-track crashed while trying to quantize and audition a few measures of a bass sequence in the piano roll.

can’t say exactly why. I’ve had numerous crashes while working in the piano roll.

n-track crashed again. This time it was when exiting (closing) the piano roll and it created a .dmp Where do we send the .dmp?

I think I had this crash on Saturday…

I think best thing is to attach the .dmp file to an email to info@ntrack.com with details of your system and what you were doing at the time.



I’ve had crashes when working in the piano roll lately too. Don’t know if it’s a new problem since I’ve not used the piano roll that much earlier. Otherwise the program seems to be quite stable on my setup right now.

I crashed it again clicking on the ‘quantize’ button in the piano roll.

I’ll send the .bmp’s when I get a chance.

The crashing in the piano roll is not a new phenomena. It’s hard to say exactly what causes it because it doesn’t happen simply with one click. My method is recording a few measures or parts of a song often with several ctrl/z (undo). And also some editing at times. It may have something to do with highlighted (selecting) several notes at the time and clicking on something after a few takes and ctrl/z.

The audio recording and timeline used to crash a lot too especially when editing, but the latest builds seem solid in that area. Hopefully the piano roll can be made more sturdy.