Piano Roll to Timeline

Edits in piano roll not showing on timel

Hi All,
It seems that either I’m doing something wrong or this is a bug.
I’m struggling with writing a simple MIDI high hat shuffle pattern in the piano roll.
I added the notes in measure 5 on the piano roll, the first bar where they’re needed.
They show up fine in the timeline.

But then after selecting and copying using ctrl-shift-V to put the pattern in subsequent measures it shows up fine in the piano roll, but NOT on the timeline. They also do not sound on playback.

Perhaps there’s a step I’m leaving out to get the edited Piano Roll track to show up in the timeline and play well with the others. Any suggestions?
I’m using build 2451.

Thanks in advance, guys and gals!!


Could it be that you simply have to extend the MIDI part so that it shows the notes you have added beyond the end of the part ‘box’?
By default a MIDI part extends its length automatically as you add MIDI notes from the Piano Roll window. The extension is however not automatic if you have at least once modified the length of the MIDI part by dragging the right part handle.
The problem might also be caused by a bug, however I have been testing this for a while and I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem.