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Hey Daner - I sent you a Private Message - check your messenger - your email is set to private.
I sent a link to my arkansas rough - let me know if I need to email it.
Play around with it - it’s pretty obvious for a fiddle part - old Ozark hill music style with a new age sub-terrainian jazz/rock ensemble and country&western blues group bubblegum pop feel. Pretty straight forward. :p

What the heck it’s only a rough.

Turn up the banjo!


A little?

How’s this?

Sounds good! :agree:

Whats it for?

fun, just fun 'til it turns to work then I’m outta here…

i hear a two-fiddle part. interspersed with mandolin licks (tom…)

We might as well watch this one grow - I did a Strat part and a scratch vocal - left room for new lyric and instruments. If you hear anything and wanna do it, send it to me.

Click this.

YEE HAW! Listening to this, and JDet’s “Roanoke”, I can’t help but grin like a possum.

Heh… what a FUN tune! :agree:

You GO Poppa!

By the way, when you go to Arkansas, if you see any Clintoons… SHOOT first, ask questions later…

D Hitman

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Quote: (kevinmyers @ Dec. 18 2008, 9:55 PM)

I can't help but grin like a possum.

lol thats good!

Sorry I’m not hearing the song but I’m happy to see y’all doin this!!!

ooo! do oregon next! or mississippi (my birth state), that would probably be more fun.
was it james a. michener that wrote a novel for each state?

Poppa? I got some werdz for ya’ when you get to Mississippi;

No wonder Elvis moved to Tennessee!



PS Seriously, I went to Jackson a few years ago… it’s the state capitol and I thought it would be pretty nice… WRONG! What a s%^t-hole… I dunno what it is with Mississippi but man…

PPS Of course, I was on my way to Yazoo, the birth-place of Jerry Clower, to deliver my wifey’s brother to the federal penitentiary there. That may have fouled my outlook somewhat… (I wish the a-hole was still in there…)

Here ya go Levi just for you

I can honestly say on this song I actually picked and grinned, and at the same time!


PPS Of course, I was on my way to Yazoo, the birth-place of Jerry Clower, to deliver my wifey's brother to the federal penitentiary there. That may have fouled my outlook somewhat... (I wish the a-hole was still in there...)

Slightly off topic, I guess, but since D took things in this direction: I've got a younger brother soon to be released from a federal penitentiary (next May). Computer whiz, valedictorian, meth manufacturer. Long story, but let's just say there's some things you just don't do for love. Anyway, he'll be headed to a halfway house in Chattanooga, praying to get a decent car and job when he gets there. He's been the prison electrician the last several years, and they even let him out on occasion to play songs he's written and give his testimony at churches there in Kentucky. He's made a bad decision or two in life, but I'm proud of him. All prayers appreciated.

You guys with your hi-Speed connections… You’re all pissin’ me off… When i connect to the Internet the operator knows where I’m goin… :p :laugh: She just pulls the plug on me… Then I gotta use that crank on the side of the phone to get her attention… AgAiN… :laugh: