Pickin Flowers

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Cool. Again, that is a great guitar sound. But is it really “Adult Contemporary”? :agree:

The guitar work has a nice full sound, did you double some of them by actually re-playing
the parts?

Nicely, DufF. And I particularly like the worrying feel to ‘In My Pride’.

Great classic rock sound with the guitars again Duff. Nice job! I like the soft hint at the end as it fades…might have been tepmted to continue that and make it a progressive epic :)

It didn’t really shake my cookies. I felt that the production was amateurish at best.

Nice job on recording the guitars. Sounds like some intonation problems with the vocals and the vocal effect put it too far back in the mixed. That is just what I hear. I could be wrong.



yeah, I liked this, the guitar part was real good and you got a great feel going, it flowed well. :agree: