Pink noise generator

Free ones?


I am experimenting with eq in my home studio in attempts to ensure what I hear from my monitor speakers is the same as what I am recording. I would like to do some experimenting with pink noise. Does anyone know where I can get “free” pink noise generating software?



look at this one -

its not the most sophisticated - but it does allow you to save the output as a wave file -

download the demo, make a series of files to suit your needs, once you have the files you dont need the actual generator anymore -

had demo for a long time now and it hasnt timed out (yet) -

Dr J

Hi nubs:
I use one here… However, I couldn’t find the link, it to save my soul… But I know you been here … But, scroll down the page and you’ll find an MR1 generator… There’s a bunch of links there that you’ll find you need, as well… [Edit] Thanks for that link Doc… That’s a good one also…

These are all suggestions… I see the link there that I had and couldn’t find… Tom Hick’s drum samples… and a bunch of other links, also…



Thanks for the feedback. I took DR Jackrabbit’s advice and tried out the one at It was just what I was looking for.


There’s a 1 minute pink noise wav file here.