pitch shift latency

did a search but couldn’t find anything. i want to copy a vocal track twice, pitch shift one of them up a few cents, the other down, then mix that back with the original unshifted track.

when i do this, the pitch sifted tracks are delayed, and i have to manually slide them forward to line up the playback with the original track (which sucks).
i thought if I “froze” the shifted tracks they would not have the latency but they do.

how can i prevent the latency, or establish exactly what it (the latency) is so I can apply that offset to the tracks. i am sure this can be done.

any help most appreciated.

sounds like the change how pitch and speed are related setting.

Next to the BPM of the song there is a little grey clock, try clicking on that and try different settings, obviously the one it is on is not working and off the top of my head I can’t think of what the other two are.

There should never be latency on a mix down so my guess is it is that setting. :agree:
that being said Ntracks pitch shift is not that good IMHO there are better VST’s out there with more accurate algorithms, do a search at KVR.