play back / record sound. simultaniously

hello. i hope this is simple

i have a a audiophile sub 24 bit

when i make a track , then play it back it plays good
when i make another track over that it plays the second track fine

my problem , i cannot here what i have recorded and what im recording at the same time through the out put of the head phones/ or any of the out put jacks

what i am doing now is makeing my first track
then pluging into my mixer useing the mixer head phones to hear what im playing , and using the speaker monitors out puts to hear what i have recorded while playing to it

i want to hear whats playing and what im recoding through the head phone out put of the m-audiophile sound card at the same time

i can with my in board c- 97 sound card its only 16 bit

is there a setting for this for the m-audiophile sub . that i can set to do this

ok i have my mixer board to play the input and out put through the main mix of the mixing board head phones

isolated the two signals( first track and second track ) from the main mix one to head phones only( first track) and one to main mix and head phones
this is the way i will do it , i still wonder if my sound card is operation properly

I had that same sound card (box?) and came up with the same issues you are. You aren’t doing anything wrong…which is why I returned it.

ok thanx , i might do that im not happy with it any way.

what did you end up with

im looking for a 10 track sound card?

The 2496 is a fine card, I used it for a few years… The RCA outputs on the card are all you need to be listening to. If you can’t hear what you are playing and what you already recorded through those ouputs, you’ve got soemthing set wrong in the software.

For a 10-track soundcard - I just got a MOTU 828MKII a couple of months ago and it works just fine for me.