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Pops and distorion and crashing

1. I hear a lot of junk in the mix when I play back my track. If I mix it down burn it and listen on another medium It’s fine. I’m guessing that it’s my card - M-AUDIO - Audiophile 2496 Audio Card. It’s ASIO. I’m going to download the latest drivers and see if that helps. Is there another possibility?? I have a 2.7 gig 256 ram intel - Maybe I need more Ram. Also, I set my XPpro up for recording using useful web info.

2. Normalizing, Mixing down( 2/3 times), accidentally freezing(what is this freezing??) and other events shut down my Ntrack5. I am moving to 4 until I get a good idea of what I’m doing wrong. What might I be doing wrong?

3. How do you record a MIDI track to be used as a meter so that later you can track any drums over it at exactly the same meters position (ie I record my analog tracks to a MIDI meter and then latter replace the meter witha drum sequence)??

Thanks for the help.

open the M Audio control panel (little M in right side icon tray)
set sample rate to the highest allowed and see if that helps -

when you mixdown a song it will become a stereo track and that puts next to no strain on whatever you playback the song on -

you do not say how many tracks you are running -

when using ASIO the more tracks you have.the higher the sample rate has to be (the term ‘sample rate’ used here refers only to the method M Audio use to describe their ASIO buffer settings and not the sample rate of the actual audio tracks shown on the first page in prefs)

if N is crashing during playback you are pushing the processor near to 100% - (processor use is shown at the bottom left of the N track screen if it turns from green to red then expect troube) -

if your processor is a Pentium it should be a P3 or P4 do not expect a Celeron to perform at all well -

if you are using a laptop then expect it to have a slow hard drive - so DMA (direct memory access) must be set for the hard drive -

if using a PC then DMA must also be set for the hard drive and it should ideally spin at 7200 rpm minimum -

if you only have a single hard drive you will have problems with WIndows interupting N - you have no control over this or when it happens, so if you can afford to add a second hard drive it really helps (use this drive only for N and its work area)

N uses very little RAM by itself, BUT plugins use a lot,

if you run a lot of tracks then plugins can slow down a PC causing audio breakup, by dropping the plugins the PC can spend more time on the audio -

yours Dr J

Thanks you Dr. Rabbit.

“DMA must also be set for the hard drive” - how is this done in XP - I think I tried.

I’m mixing only 6-8 tracks.