Playback at double speed higher octave

What happened to my tempo?

Hi, I’m using version 4.2.1 build 2098 and have recently begun having a problem with my tempo going out of whack. While recording I see the track wave graphic is not keeping pace with the time line and then for playback its double speed and at a higher octave. I’m sure this is a relatively simple fix, but couldn’t unearth it.

I’d greatly appreciate any help that could be offered.

Thanks, Chris

There are several things that could cause a similar symptom.(as far as play back goes)

The track record not keeping pace with the timeline can also be caused by a few things PC and soundcard related as well and would not necessarily directly related to the playback timing and speed issue described.

For instance, a computer could be low on virtual memory and lag in visual representation of the function of the recording having no effect whatsoever on the timing of the recording or it’s later playback.
Also, there could be a lag issue, that matches your symptoms however the result of lag is almost always off timing and or slower playback than the original performance.

The one thing I can think of that would cause a track to play back with the symptoms you describe (faster and higher sounding) is switching frequencies, eg. 44.1k 48k 96k etc etc.
Usually this is not an issue since the program will ask you if you want to convert the file into the current selected frequency.

I had a problem a ways back that produced identical playback symptoms as you describe.
It involved a soundcard (M-audio Audiophile).
When I used the souncard for other programs it defaulted the playback to 44.1k which was not a problem until I went back to Ntrack, unknowing to me it changed the setting within Ntrack (since it was the souncard setting to begin with)
Now here is the tricky part, so take note, when I first opened up Ntrack it asked me (do you want to change all related files to the current frequency) the answer is a huge (NO!) you will thank me later. It will make the current track play back higher or lower (depending on what it was recorded at, higher for lower frequency then the current selection,) but fret not.
Simple solution, just go into Ntrack settings and switch it back to whatever frequency you normally record in, or the file is in (if you are unsure right click the file and click properties should show the file info) :)

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jerm :cool:

Jeremy, Thanks a lot for the info. I should have noted that it’s actually RECORDING at that rate. I can see the track’s wave file being produced about 50% behind the song’s progress. Strange! I’ll take a look at the things you mentioned though.

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Quote: (LostNSpace @ Mar. 11 2009, 9:58 AM)

Jeremy, Thanks a lot for the info.
I should have noted that it's actually RECORDING at that rate.

That is interesting.

so you have played back the file out of another proggy, like winamp or windows media and it plays "fast" and higher pitch than the original?

There is one other thing that comes to mind, if this truly has nothing to do with frequency....

It has to do with a tab on the far right called "Transpose" this will make a higher sounding playback and possibly recording if it is set to anything other than +0.
There is also a little clock thingy next to it, you don't want to mess with unless you know what is is for! lol

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Double check all samplerates to make sure they are ALL what they should be. Keep in mind that that soundcard might be set to a fixed frequency (could be a switch on the back or in its own control applet). If it is it won’t matter what sample rate is set in n-Tracks. Just make sure n-Tracks is set to what you KNOW the souncard is, for both recording and playback, and that recording and playback are both the same.

What kind of soundcard do you have?

Thanks Phoo and Jeremy,

I have a Terratec EWS-88MT, which has driven windows crazy for as long as I’ve had it, but regardless of that, the problem SUDDENLY dissipated. I checked the things that I couldn’t rule out and the problem persisted. Then just to make sure I had checked the obvious (for the 1000th time), I opened the input settings (via Hammer icon below the VUs) verified that everything was correct and then closed it without making any changes and viola! No more problem. Not a single change… This stuff can be MADDENING.

Many, many thanks for your help!


One of those strange things is that setting in configs and dialogs might not always reflect the actual values. This is probably one reason re-installing seems to help some problems.

I’ve seen that issue much more often with VST plug-ins and EQ, usually after saving a song, then hitting a crash or some other problem in a beta release.

Sometimes a fix is to just go reset everything by changing it to something else then putting it back where it was.

This would be a bug yet to be fixed, and maybe not yet discovered, anytime you find that this helps.