Playback delay for new tracks

Playback delay for new tracks

New bie- noob uh don’t know what I am doing.
pick one…

Okay, Standard PC using built-in sound card.
N-tack 4.2.1 (Yes, I’ll upgarde soon)

laydown 2 tracks left and right from my ensoniq ks-32 steroo out puts.

now I want to do the vocals on tracsks 3 and 4.

Question how do I get n-track to playback tracks 1and 2 in real time and records trak 3 in real time with NO delay.

Yes I’ve buffered myself silly.

Would a better sound card correct this? If so whcih card should I get.

please help.

helpless and lost in the digital divide.


Short answer: Get an ASIO compliant soundcard, and use the ASIO drivers that come with it. Then you don’t need to mess around with the buffer settings in n-Track, as the ASIO drivers handle this themselves. In the ASIO settings, you should be able to keep latency (=delay) below 5-10 ms, which should be adequate for most uses.

regards, Nils

It should work with the ensoniq. You don’t have the ‘live’ button in do you ?

thanks guys…
ensoniq went out of business.
something else to upgrade.

Did you try ASIO4ALL for your sound card yet?