playback hung using 4.04

just added new pci express video card.

Just added a new video card, and now it seems that i’m having problems.

Fast machine, 1GB ram, 2.6ghz, echo mia card pci.

Could this be caused by IRQ issues? It’s strange, but sometimes, if I open the preferences dialog, hit ok, and then open the hammer on the input monitor, hit ok. It will play fine…

Anyone had this?

Also, sometimes that doesn’t work, the playback button ‘depresses’, but doesn’t play. I can then press stop, and move the cursor around and it seems the program hasn’t actually hung, but then it just doesnt play.


Follow up:

I’m now getting Audio Driver Requested to Stop Streaming error as well.

I upgraded to latest 5.x version, and this didn’t help.

Any ideas? The play button just doesn’t work.


you say “I’m now getting Audio Driver Requested to Stop Streaming error as well” -

this happens when using WDM drivers, it generally happens when the drivers have been idle for about a minute, overloaded or are (unlikely) not supported by the soumdcard -

if your new video card is causing an IRQ conflicf you could try moving your soundcard to another slot -

if your new video card is hogging the PCI buss to the detriment of everything else - then the problem gets very messy and complicated as it involves (if possable) altering the time the card has access to the buss - you may need professional advice before altering the time the card has access to the PCI buss, this may cure your audio problem but there is every chance that it will impare the video cards capability -

it is generally accepted that a BASIC video card is prefered when using a general purpose computer for audio work, an all action 3D graphics card is not the way to go -

it appears that you have had N for some time and it has worked OK - i can only suggest that if possable you revert to your original video card and see if everything goes back to as it was - if it does, you may have to a rethink on that new card -

Dr J

I appreciate that. Just restarting using the onboard video didn’t really work, so I will actually remove the card.

Do you have any experience with left justified 24 bit? I think I was using that when recording…

I’m transcribing a bunch of tapes, and don’t want to have to redo it. Any other headaches with that setting?

Thanks, I’ll update on removing the card this evening.


for your own use any of N bit settings are OK - but if you should ever have to send a file to another person who is not using N, if they are using a lesser DAW, that DAW may may not accept your file - this is also true with some waveform editors which only accept straightforward 16 and 24 bit files -

if you use a favourite waveform editor try feeding it a 24bitLJ file and see it it accepts it before archiving your tapes -

Dr J