Playback issues with ESI Juli@

Sounds do not start in sync


If I try to play a drum track (WAV) together with a MIDI played VST, sadly the VST starts to early and the WAV playback starts later. So the first note plays to long. Please see the video to understand my issue:

Video of problem (k-upload)

Any idea whats wrong? I’m using ESI Juli@ with most recent ASIO drivers. Currently at 256 Samples latency, but the issue is the same with 512 or even 1024.
Also, the loop is by far not smooth. Instead, it makes a pause for every loop, which is really annoying.

I’m really out of ideas. Currently it is impossible to make music like this :frowning:

The wav drum loop may have an offset inside the file. You can simply drag the wav part left to make it start sooner. Deactivate the grid so that you can change the offset by a small amount, drag the left handle of the wav to make it start later, then drag the upper drag band to move it left. Zoom in closer to the beginnig of the song so you can do precise edits.