Playback Issues

tracks not lining up

Already recorded drums track, and after recording a guitar track to it, it doesnt line up quite right. The guitar was played in the correct timing, but will not line up. please reply with options


Look up “Grid” in the help files. It will make your life a lot easier…

hey Tim, long time no see…hey good suggestion about that grid thingy, I’ve been using this thing 6 years and never knew what that was all about.


Alls I can suggest at this point is to check your computers CPU.
Make shure your using the same timer for playback and record. The comuter has a clock and the sound card as well.
If your CPU is low, it could effect the buffer time and cause lag in the recording.
Ok here’s another one, try recording the guitar track just to the click track. Sometimes even if a drum track is recorded to a click it can go off at points. Playing the guitar to that off drum track only makes matter worse later down the line.
If you record the guitar track just to a click it will be in perfect timing then you can line it up with the drum track and see which one is the culpret.
There’s a maginifing glass in the top center bar (at least in my version) One of the magninfying glasses has a plus the other a minus. Try clicking the plus glass a couple of times till you are real close to the timeline and can see every little millisecond of data. It helps if you have a four count click at the beginning of both tracks. The simply line the four click up, and as long as you had no lag occuring during recording they should both be Nsync.
Now, if you did find you had lag, and you simply must use the guitar track in it’s tainted form because you either can’t re-create it succesfully or thought it was the best you can do, you can also use the zooming in option a mentioned along with a cut and paste job.
Zoom in on the first couple of bars, (real close now) and line them up till at least the the beginning sounds good (sliding the rythm track to the left and right in small incruments) You may have to shrink some of the air off the beginning of the track in order to give it room to move to the left.
Now listen to the track, and take notice were it starts goin’ off.
All you have to do is insert a new track of audio, and copy the beginning part and paste it into the blank track, making shure of course that it is right were the other one is.
Now just start ajusting the original track again till the part that sounded off is better, then take notice to where it goes off again, rinse, lather, repeat process as many times as neeeded to come out with a shiny finish.

Keep trackin’