Playback of Midi From Casio WK3200

It’s been awhile since I’ve logged in.
Still see some familiar names.
I recently attempted to record into N with my Casio WK-3200 Keyboard using the USB midi cable.

Since the Casio can record up to 6 tracks in it’s own memory.
I recorded all 6 tracks at the same time, using different channels.

I figured out how to play it back, out through the Casio, so it sounds the same.
But couldn’t get it to play out through the computer (SBLive card)

Searched and found Buggabump’s tutorial, which was very enlightening and helpful.
I’ve downloaded some soundfonts and got the base to playback ok.

But problem is with the drums.
The drumtrack from the Casio has all of the instruments that were used 5 or 6, so when the drum track from the Casio recorded into N, it placed the events for all instruments in 1 midi track.
I notice in the piano roll, that none of the event sequences line up with any of the percussion listings.
I downloaded NSkit and Drumz
and some others. Have listed them as “Output To” but the drums won’t play back.
Is there a way to get playback without having to cut and paste all of the events next to a particular percussion instrument in the piano roll?

when you record to the Casio recorder the drums relate to the Casio keyboard and nothing else - when the drum tracks are recorded into N they do not line up with the GM format (notation) for drums -

you should be able to mute the instrument tracks on the Casio recorder so that it only outputs the drums which you record into a seperate track in N - when recorded you should notice that the MIDI notation is nowhere near where the drums are positioned in the note range - if the MIDI notes are not in the correct position then the drum insert cannot play them back - moving the MIDI notes to the correct position should recitify your problem -

Dr J