Playback of new takes...

The sound vanishes with new takes…


I am using n-track to record a band, and right now I am doing the drums using 8 tracks simultaneusly. I have a little problem in the recording process that I should discuss in another e-mail, but right now my problem seems to be the playback.

Whenever I have a new take in the wave files, the program seems to ignore the new region and the music dissapears. Let´s say I have the drummer playing until measure number 100, and at that point there is a new take until measure 150, well, the music will sound until measure 100 or 104 and then… it dissapears!! As you can see from the image, the files are not empty, but the program doesn´t seem to handle these new takes properly. I have “very high buffering” in the setup (otherwise I couldn´t record 8 tracks at the same time). If I try to assign higher playback buffering n-track crashes, or may not crash but still doesn´t play the music. This has me blocked and I cannot progress editing the songs or recording new tracks for the band (they are getting annoyed with me).

I have tried to assign more buffering in the ASIO Drivers, but still the problem happens.

My n-track version is the latest:, but it also happened in previous versions. Right now I am using the RME Hammerfall, but tried with the ECHO as well, and the behaviour is the same.

I hope you can help me with this problem as soon as possible. I really appreciate your help with this. If you wish to see a screenshot, I can e-mail you one.

Thank you very much!

Jon Valdivia

I’m not sure exactly what you are describing… but check to make sure that you don’t have “stop playing at end of song” (or similar) ticked.
If you only have tracks up to bar 100 and then do another take It might only play/display up to bar 100.

Or it may be that the wav data is there but you need to drag the end of the track out to the end of the wav file…

Or maybe you are describing something else entirely…


PS - I can’t see any screen shot…

Hi Rich!

Thanks for replying. Well, the screenshot is not there because I couldn´t include it in the post. I apologise my explanation wasn´t clear. I will try again…

First of all, I can confirm I don´t have “stop playing at the end of the song”. The program keeps playing, and it still plays MIDI and so on, but it is only the wavs that are not heard. The wav files are entirely on screen (i.e.: they are dragged until the end of the files, and I can see the waveform, but not hear it!!).

Now my attempt number 2 for a clear explanation…

Suppose you have a 100 measure song and start recording 8 tracks. Let´s say the drummer makes a mistake at measure 56, and then you decide to make another take punching in from measure 50 until the end of the song. Well, the recording works well and everyone is happy. You can see the waveforms and everything seems ok. Then you play the song and it is sounding fine until it gets to measure 50, and at some point after measure 50 the sound vanishes!

I hope this explanation is better than the previous one. Please let me know how and where I can post a screenshot for you. Thank you!

Thanks in advance for your help!!


If you view the volume envelopes (click the button that has a ramp looking thing on it - you should then see green lines on each track indicating the volume envelopes) are any tracks muted at the [points when the soound drops out?

Is it all tracks or just the overdubbed tracks that are silent?

Do you have any tracks soloed or muted?

What happens if you solo one of the tracks that you can’t hear?

To post a screenshot you will need to upload the image to somewhere on the internet (you may have some web space provided by your isp for you to put a web page on, or there are a number of free web hosting services), then link to the location of your image.
The N forum will not let you host images on the forum. You need to host them elsewhere and then link to them.


You can post images at for free.

Just thought it was funny your forum name is “Phantom” and had vanishing in the post! :laugh:

I had a bass player in a punk band with the nickname “Phantom” because he was always dissapearing during, and before, gigs and practice! :p

Good luck, I hope you don’t disappear before someone gives you a difinitive answer…

keep pluggin’ :cool:


The Phantom is Back!!! Sorry for the late reply. The envelopes are the answer. I am just amazed at how they drop themselves down in some projects at some point in the track. To be honest I hadn´t use them before I had this problem, so I don´t know how could they configure themselves.

Anyway, the problem is solved, and I would like to thank you all for your help with this.


Np, I remember mixing occasionally and watching one of my faders move up all the way to +10 all on it’s own (automation off, no envelopes to be seen)…