playback speed problem HELP ME!!!

I recently downloaded the trial version of ntrack. i had previously used it about a year ago, but i bought a new pc and didnt have my registration code and didnt want to shell out 75 bucks again.

anyway, tonight I decided to give it a shot again. after getting everything set up, I loaded a drum track from a cd and set it as track 1. then i plugged in my guitar- using a line 6 tone port usb box (using the asio drivers for recording and monitoring) and gearbox plugin. I laid down 1 track of guitar, then prepared to do another. the problem i’m having is that when i hit record the first track plays back at warp speed. it does this whether i am set to record another track or simply listening to the playback., and the drum track plays back fine. i tried adjusting the playback speed for that particular track, but the playback speed meter jumps from 0.47 to 0.52 and for it to synch perfecty it would have to be somewhere in between those two. does anyone have any idea what’s causing this? is it the line 6 soundcard or is there something in the ntrack setting i am missing? is it possible that its just because i’m using the trial version? i noticed it wont let you adjust the playback buffer speed, which i thought would help.

First make sure the sampling rate in preferences matches what is set in the first recorded track. If you imported a cd file it’s most likely at 16 bit 44100 Hz, while your soundcard may be set at 24 bit 48000 or whatever. Make sure your Audio Devices are set for the same driver for output and input. Do a search here for ‘sampling rate’ might be better info.

Same problem.

Set the TRANSPOSE to +0 and the playback speed to x1.000 and leave them alone.

Do as Poppa instructed, the buffer setting is done in the asio setting of the soundcard not nTrack. Click on the hammer on playback or record meter, Click asio settings, Asio Control Panel to lower or raise buffer settings.

If the problem still persists, click on settings/preferences/midi settings/Timer to use, click on wave not system timer.

Hope it helps.