Playback Speed?

Every track I record sounds like the Chipmonks when I playback. Either mono or stereo. Using 16 bit with Mobile Pre USB. Never had this problem with the old version. Also, using 16 bit. I used another audio recording program just to make sure it isn’t a problem with my USB device and it works OK. I also imported a wav file from another source and it is OK. Its only when I make a recording in Ntrack4.

Join the club.I am new to this and have been pulling my hair out.I have had a bunch of lockups also.I close out and reopen and it sometimes plays fine. Have you contacted Flavio? I turned everything off and and still got an error.The chipmunk thing varies.Sometimes it just gives me a bunch of static to a known good track.Almost ready to _ _ _ _ can something.Do you have any other problems? I also had about 4 crashes(blue screen) I am running XP on a low end dell w/pent 4 and 256 ram.

I haven’t noticed any other problems… yet. I’ve used the old version for many years with no problems. I haven’t contacted the man yet, but guess I’ll have to. You may want to add more RAM to get from locking up.

Make sure your playback sample rate is the same as your record. If your recording @ 44.1 make sure it is playing back @ 44.1, same thing when using 48k and higher.