sorry if this has already been posted, but i didn’t feel like going through 300 posts to find it.

i’m using the lexicon omega interface, and i can’t seem to get any playback volume through my pc speakers. as far as i can tell everything on the recording end is fine. the recording vumeter shows that i’m playing, and when i record something, it shows something has been recorded in the track. even when i playback, the playback meter shows activity, but i don’t hear anything.

i’ve looked at the soundcard properties, and nothing is muted, so i don’t know what else i could do there. when i go under setting>preferences, and select WDM: Intel® integrated audio for the playback device, it gives me an error that says something about the sampling frequency and output device format being supported by the soundcard. i just get the same thing if i try it in mme.

so, i don’t have a clue, and hope someone out there does and would be willing to help me.

thanks for any reply (unless of course it’s rude, and not helpful)

You definitely shouldn’t select integrated audio (ie your motherboard’s on-board sound). You should be looking out for a device called lexicon omega or similar

I disable my on-board sound to prevent me selecting it by accident - you can do that by pressing delete when you turn on the pc to enter the BIOS and look for an option to disable integrated sound.

ok, i finally figured out how to get it to play back through my speakers. i’m sure most of you already new this, but i had to select the wdm: omega 3/4 in only for recording device, and mme: intel integrated audio for playback. so now i’m happy :D