Played my first Beatles song with a band today

first time ever!

I play bass in the cover band - don’t take it very seriously.

But anyway, I’ve played some Beatles with guitar students of mine, but this was the first time I’d done it with a proper band. Man, A Hard Days Night (and beatles stuff in general) is SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY.

Love playing it. Love the “when I’m home” bit.


And what’s even better, you can really run wild with that material and people will still recognize it. If you’re not Laibach, that is…

I really like to play Beatles tunes. Singing them is the most fun for me. Those are vocal harmonies that I really dig.


The Beatles are great. I bet that was a kick.

Cool, Willy. One of the best bands i was ever in did a Beatles set. We played the entire backside of Abbey Road. Was a hoot!


TJ - I’m impressed (assuming that you did it well)!

Hey teej, I once did that too but we only took it from Golden Slumbers. Did you play Her Majesty too ? We did :)

We slowly added songs to the set because the crowd would start hollering if we didn’t play them all and in the right order… sheesh… picky, picky. :;):


Have you heard Phil Collins’ version of the medley (he skips several parts) which was on George Martin’s farewell album. I dont really like Phil Collins’ singing much but he is a #### of a drummer - It is worth hearing just to hear that stuff done with a classy modern drum mix.

(that album by the way is a must-hear for any beatles fan)

Hey teej, I once did that too but we only took it from Golden Slumbers. Did you play Her Majesty too ? We did

And speaking of the ends of Beatles LP's.

If you remove the belt from the turntable, and replace it with twist in it, then the record plays backwards,


if you then put Sergeant Pepper on, place the stylus on the inside edge (i.e., the end of the LP), and hit play......

then what happens is; the stylus is ripped right out of the cartridge, and gouges a 3 inch furrow across the LP! :(


EDIT: But, if you replace the cartridge with a Goldring G800 (which is what "Scratching" DJ's did), then you can quite clearly hear John say; "Grooloon mong purhhhblat".

Makes you think doesn't it.

Thanks, Ali, That was really helpful :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: